Mobile Money

Check Your Balance, Make a Transfer, and More All From The Convenience of Your Smart Phone/ Mobile Device.

Download The New KUE App!!!

*Due to some servers receiving access to the App before others, some members accessing the TouchBanking App before the launch is complete may be prompted to download the New App. Interruptions of certain services/functions may occur. The New KUE App will be available for download on 11/29/2018.

How to get the New KUE App:

Download the New KUE App from the App Store (iPhone) or Google Play (Android) by searching "KUE," "KUE FCU," or "KUE Federal Credit Union."

If you have the TouchBanking App follow the instructions below to upgrade to the New KUE App:

1. Launch the TouchBanking App.

2. Upgrade to "New Version" when prompted.

3. Launch the new App. Enter your username, answer the challenge question if presented with one, and your Online Banking security code. 

4. If successful, you will be prompted to accept Terms and Conditions.

5. After accepting the Terms and Conditions you will be brought to the account list screen.

Remote Deposit

We are excited to offer you our newest mobile service-Remote Deposit!

Use your phone to take a photo of the front and back of your check and deposit the funds into your account. Funds availability depends on the dollar amount of the check. Remote Deposit is offered through our TouchBanking App. Ready for the best news? Both the TouchBanking App and Remote Deposit are FREE!

You must have online banking and a share draft account. We reserve the right to place a hold on high deposit amounts. Read Remote Deposit Agreement for complete details.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. When will my funds be available?
Funds will not be immediately available. The date the funds will be available depends on when the deposit is made and the dollar amount. We reserve the right to place a hold on high deposit amounts. For example, if the deposit is made on a business day before 3:00pm, the funds will be posted to your account the next day. If a deposit is made over the weekend or a holiday, the funds will be posted to your account on the 2nd business day. It could take up to two business days for your funds to be deposited into your account. Check your account on Virtual Branch or Mobile Money to make sure the funds were deposited.

2. What does Deposit Accepted mean?
This means that your images have been received by KUE FCU.

3. What does Deposit Pending mean?
This means that the check is going through the deposit process.

4. What should I do with the check once the deposit has been made?
Once you see that your funds have been deposited into your account (verify on Virtual Branch, Mobile Money or at One Quality), you can void or shred the check.

5. How much can I deposit?
You can deposit up to $500.00 per item & $3,000.00 per day, ALL Checks must be endorsed Payee Signature, Remote Deposit Only, and KUE FCU.