KUE FCU Membership 

KUE Federal Credit Union is a not-for-profit financial cooperative, meaning that we’re member-owned. Everything we do is for our members, by our members, with one goal in mind: to serve the needs of our member/owners with the best financial products and services available. Earnings from loans and investments benefit all members in the form of higher dividends on savings and lower rates and fees.

Membership Eligibility

The field of membership shall be limited to those having the following common bond:

  • Employees or retired employees of LG&E, KU, ODP – PPL Companies, Davis H. Elliot Company, and Groves Electrical Services  
  • An immediate relative, defined by the Board of Directors as:  
    • The member's spouse (including a surviving spouse of a member)
    • Spouse's children  
    • Spouse's parents 
    • Member's children as related by blood, marriage, adoption and other legal arrangements (i.e. foster care) 
    • Member's childrens' spouse(s) 
    • Member's grandchildren  
    • Member's sibling(s)  
    • Member's parents  
    • Employees of KUE FCU and their immediate family, as defined above

Membership continues until the closing of all KUE Federal Credit Union accounts. Account closing, voluntarily or involuntarily, separates the member from the Credit Union. Future reapplication for membership and acceptance will depend on the Board policy in effect at that time.*

How To Join

Joining KUE FCU and enjoying all the benefits of membership is easy. Simply complete an application online and make an initial $5 deposit for membership. Applications are available online, at our office, or can be mailed upon request.

Refer a Friend or Family Member to KUE

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*All credit union services shall be revoked from a member that has caused this credit union a loss and who has not voluntarily repaid the loss, whether the loss was by bankruptcy or otherwise. The member shall have access only to a non-interest-bearing savings account.